What We Do

strategic planning & capacity building

ONABEN’s strategic planning services will help to assess your organization’s current position and to plan a path to reach future goals. Our services will also help your organization to determine how to most effectively allocate your resources to best achieve your long-term objectives.

The process starts by assessing the relevance of your organization’s mission and programs. ONABEN will work with your staff and Board to create a vision for your organization’s future, representing a clear understanding of what your team wishes to accomplish in your community through the services you offer. This vision sets the stage for developing the goals your organization wishes to attain over the next 3-5 years, both programmatically and organizationally.

Both the internal and external environment will determine the goals set by your organization. Organizational capacity plays a critical role in assessing your internal environment and in developing attainable goals. If the stakeholders involved in your strategic planning process need a better understanding of your organization’s capacity, then we suggest conducting an organizational capacity assessment prior to strategic planning.

A SWOT analysis provides an opportunity for all Board and staff members to come together to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) facing your organization. This analysis is particularly helpful when setting goals, as it will allow your Board and staff to understand how well your organization is positioned to take on programs, funding and other considerations.

Once goals are set, ONABEN’s facilitators help you to develop the strategies needed to obtain organizational goals. We will also examine your organization’s current resources, determining how they can best be employed to achieve your objectives.

After the session, facilitators will work with your organization to decide on the key areas that should be addressed in your plan, including:

  • Facilities
  • External Relations
  • Internal Operations
  • Revenue
  • Programs
  • Governance



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