Hello, friends. It's been a while. But, wow, does it ever feel good to rededicate the time and space to talk all things ONABEN! We have been a part of some very exciting happenings. If you follow us on Facebook, then you know that we have been extremely busy growing our women and  girls empowerment initiative. Well, the initiative, now, has a name-Girl Talk. And, how cool is that? After all, Girl Talk Matters. Our voices matter. Our votes matter. Our opinions matter. Girl Talk Matters. Period. Don't ever think otherwise. 

Girl Talk has spread its wings. And, are on cloud nine! Here's something that you may not know. ONABEN was recognized by the Oklahoma Journal Record for Makind a Difference in the Lives of Women and Girls, in October of 2018.  What an honor. It was a beautiful, memorable, emotional night. To have our efforts noticed has been extremely encouraging to our team. But, more importantly, empowering women and girls to dream bigger than they ever thought possible, or bigger than their reality is an important job. Girl Talk is ONABENs platform to build women and girls up. 

Did you know that after the age of five that young girls quit believing that they can grow up to be big thinkers? By the age of five, some girls give up on the dream of becoming doctors, and scientists, and engineers, and even President. That's not okay. Women have been changing the world for many, many years. Consider how much bigger those changes could be, how much more impactful women could be in the workforce, in the government, in science, in math, in engineering...across the globe...if only more girls continued to believe that they can grow up to be anything that they want!

Why Girl Talk? Well, women empowerment is extremely personal and important to ONABENs Executive Director. She believes strongly that women should be provided the opportunity to overcome, to excel, to achieve, and to dream. Collectively our voices are stronger. Together anything is possible. Girl Talk Matters. 

Tulsa Girl Talk is going strong. In March, ONABEN will hold a Girl Talk meeting in Cherokee, North Carolina. And, our team is actively working to establish Girl Talk meetings, in Oregon. I Have a Dream. Do you? 

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