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November has also been a time to celebrate entrepreneurs. Last week was Global Entrepreneurship Week, a celebration of the innovators who bring ideas to life, and leave an imprint on the world by creating jobs, solving problems and driving economic growth. Events took place all over the world in recognition of the importance of entrepreneurship! And, for a girl with a passion for entrepreneurial development, and who believes that business development can be a tool used to combat social ills, Global Entrepreneurship Week is an exciting time. 
On the local front, I hope each of you have identified businesses to support on Small Business Saturday. If you are more of a virtual shopper, check out Authentically Cherokee and Tamanwit. By following the links you will be introduced to a few of our favorite, Native artists from Cherokee,  North Carolina and Warm Spring, Oregon.
As another year's end is upon us, Team ONABEN is busy! Currently, our team is working on developing a cultural tourism initiative in coordination with the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe. It's an exciting project to be included in. What sets this project apart from other cultural tourism initiatives is the focus on community. The tourism program is tool to create opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses that are cultural in nature. It's a rewarding opportunity for our team, one that has allowed Team ONABEN to be completely immersed in one culture, in one place, with one people....Experiencing tourism, the way it was meant to be established. 
In another exciting update, our team is busy developing a financial education initiative in collaboration with the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, in Oregon. By early spring, Team ONABEN will have developed a platform designed to empower tribal citizens to build assets and make informed financial decisions. Our work includes program development for the youngest to the oldest community members! It's truly a wholistic approach that allows our team to meet the needs of an entire tribal community. Many thanks to the Northwest Area Foundation for their investment in ONABENs team. Our participation in a capacity building program funded by the Foundation has enabled our team to acquire the skills necessary to advocate for the importance of financial education in Native communities, and led to the growth of new products and services!
As I close, I want to include how thankful our team is to be a part of the work that we do. I will continue to include updates on current projects and opportunities. And, as always, if our team can help with your projects or business ideas, never hesitate to call on us. Consider us an extended part of your team!

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