What We Do


Cherokee, North Carolina



ONABEN's local partner organization and CDFI, Sequoyah Fund, is a great asset to our project and to the community. We have created additional partnerships with the Qualla Arts Center, a local leader among artists and in the surrounding areas of Asheville, and the Asheville Arts Museum. These partnerships were valuable in many ways, including helping ONABEN to work with artists in need of support services and providing a venue for the project's art market.

The partnership with the Qualla Arts Center affords ONABEN and its team the opportunity to work towards expanding the types of art the Center markets, which includes traditional forms of art, but excludes most contemporary art. In addition, the partnership with the Asheville Art Museum has successfully produced an annual arts market in the heart of Asheville. ONABEN and Sequoyah Fund created a plan to continue to expand the market in which artists are currently attempting to sell; this will enable ONABEN to increase the number of partners in the communities surrounding Cherokee.

Our trainings have been ideal for artist entrepreneurs, allowing for a higher degree of one-on-one learning. These trainings are provided in person and via webcast.




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