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Moloka'i, Hawaii



ONABEN’s work in Moloka’i thus far has been productive. The local community and our partner organization have embraced our presence and recognize our commitment to the business community. We have forged several local partnerships, some of which not only support our business development efforts, but also promote our work by sending business clientele to take part in our learning events. A coordinated effort is an active part of ONABEN’s work in Hawaii and will be one of the tools that will enable us to exceed our own expectations in regard to project outcomes.


Participation from the local business community was even greater than we had anticipated. Business workshops have covered topics focused on marketing and financials for small business. ONABEN has worked with our local partner to develop new partnerships and long-term plans for small business and economic development. We have also worked with local entreprneurs to develop a training and action plan based on their needs on the island. Trainings have included participation from ages ranging from the very young to elders in the community. Business ideas consisted of everything from consulting, to retail, to guided hunts, to social entrepreneurship.


Watch this video to learn more about our work in Moloka'i, Hawaii.

ONABEN Staff Note: "During our training in April of 2014, one of the entrepreneurs brought homemade ice cream with passion fruit and coconut milk and it was delicious! Another participant brought by her sushi rolls and miso soup, which blew the group away. On Moloka'i, working with the local organization and entrepreneurs is truly a pleasure and you really feel as if you are embraced and welcomed into the community." -Veronica Hix, Executive Director



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