What We Do

Customized services to support your growth plan

Drawing on our diverse expertise across a variety of topics, the ONABEN team works with organizations to thoroughly assess, plan, and implement strategies for growth and development. As we travel with our clients towards success, they begin to have a profound effect on the overall economic vitality within their communities - becoming spearheads for economic growth and impacting job creation and retention. The organizations that we assist create local entrepreneurs, community services, and tribal businesses, as well as develop the infrastructure and knowledge that leads to solid and culturally-appropriate governance, legal systems, commercial practices, and community-focused financial management.

ONABEN’s unique team building process focuses on improving your team’s problem solving capabilities and on creating a more efficient organizational environment. Through personality assessments and key activities, we develop interpersonal skills among teams while working closely with every member to foster improved engagement, performance, communication, cooperation, and trust.


Leaders are constantly under pressure to perform at their highest level of effectiveness, and their leadership skills directly impact the success of their organizations. Either through executive coaching or board development, ONABEN uses our wealth of experience to strengthen and support your organization. We work with individuals, executive teams, and boards in person or through virtual platforms to guide and improve performance in various leadership roles.


Whether you are creating new or enhancing existing small business or asset-building programs, we apply best practices developed through 25 years of experience in Indian Country to provide you with customized training, supportive tools, and planning. Using our culturally-relevant small business curriculum Indianpreneurship©, we can assist with the development of a brand-new program or can enhance an existing one in your community. Our signature curriculum has served as the foundation for many entrepreneur training programs throughout the country.


Using proven methods, ONABEN helps organizations create a vision and a plan to achieve specific organizational and programmatic goals for the future. By addressing key areas, we are able to identify capacity building needs that will ultimately support your vision. Through our strategic planning process, we help you assess your organization’s current position, determine how to most effectively allocate your resources, and create a path towards success.


Although ONABEN is most well-known for our Indianprenreneurship® trainings, we also offer a myriad of other customized trainings to support entrepreneurship development in Native communities. We deliver trainings to organizations on capacity building subjects, such as strategic planning, marketing, or social media. Through relationships with community partners, we also deliver training directly to Native entrepreneurs and youth. We offer these trainings in a classroom setting as well as through virtual platforms.


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